Tripstop X Profile – Safer Sidewalks, Prevents trip hazards

Introducing the TripStop X Profile

Introducing the TripStop X Profile,TripStop Creates Safer Sidewalks – Prevents trip hazards created from misaligned or displaced pedestrian walkways.

The TripStop 75mm profile was the pioneer for TripStop, being the first profile created and successfully tested under laboratory conditions.

TripStop 75mm is for ‘old school’ 75mm thick paths. These days most new paths are 100 and 125mm thick. Their light construction often means that these paths are more susceptible to being damaged by vehicles.

100mm TripStop is our most popular size for new work.

TripStop 100mm offers the greatest economy and longevity in new concrete paths as 100mm is less likely to crack than 75mm when vehicles drive over them.

All TripStop products come as a complete product set, including TripStop Pegs and Wedges. Every order includes an appropriate amount of Pegs and Wedges to perform the full installation.
We recommend using three Pegs and Wedges per 1.2m to 1.4m length, 4 per 1.5m to 1.9m length, 5 per 2.0m to 2.4m length and 6 per 2.5m to 3m of TripStop to firmly hold the length in position during the pour.
TripStop uses 6.3mm galvanized steel Pegs and one plastic Wedge per Peg to fix the TripStop in place whilst the concrete is poured. We offer 5 Peg sizes. 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm long pegs for the different length profiles and/or different soil types. Depending on soil type you can select what Peg length you need with your order.