Nexatherm® -Frost, Ice and Snow Melting Systems

Nexatherm® is a controlled heating distribution panel for frost, ice and snow melting applications. It can be incorporated into our structural composite platforms, bridges, ramps and stairs for new construction or installed over existing concrete.

The system activates only during periods of snow, frost and ice eliminating the traditional costly winter-time idling. When activated during snowfalls, it is designed to operate highly efficiently to reduce energy consumption. This system extends the life of platforms by eliminating the use of salt or other deicing chemicals and the physical damage from winter service vehicles. Labour intensive snow removal and repair costs are eliminated.

  • Reliable prevention of slips and falls
  • Flat panel heaters reach operating temperature in minutes
  • Eliminate use of corrosive ice melting materials
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Plug and play control systems
  • Operating voltage 120V – 600V
  • Custom power ratings based on ASHRAE Standards
  • Design and testing conducted in-house