Max-Secure Institutional Furniture Jail Furniture Prison Furniture

Max-Secure® Security systems is proud to be providing correctional facilities with secure, safe, attractive, and easy to install furniture for over thirty years. Having installed over more than 25,000 components from coast to coast we pride ourselves on a ‘no fail’ record in state or federal correctional facilities as well as psychiatric hospitals. Being a world leader in design and installation of institutional furniture, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Our wide variety of products has become the industries standard for fire code and building compliance. The use of our unique material, Herculite, a durable proprietary plastic composite allows our products to be not only non flammable, but impossible to scratch or carve. This makes our units safe additions to county, state, or federal facilities. Fortunately, our products are also cost effective.

Our easy to place furniture items all come with round edges, and use a powerful epoxy resin to fasten avoiding dangers with fastening items. On top of safety and easy to inspect design, our furniture products have a durable satin finish that makes cleaning easy and quick