Elevated Transit Boarding Platform

The Armor-Deck® elevated transit boarding platform system uses structural composite slabs in place of traditional materials like concrete. The system has been developed to provide a much longer life span than other materials. Where salt or chemicals are used for snow and ice melting, concrete platforms have shown signs of deterioration after a few years, required constant maintenance and replacement in 15 to 25 years. Armor-Deck® panels are not porous like traditional materials so they are not affected by temperature, water, salt or other ice melting chemicals. These platforms have been installed since 1999, do not require regular maintenance and can last indefinitely.

  • Much longer lifespan than traditional materials
  • Light weight
  • Zero maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • Impervious to salt, chemicals and freeze/thaw
  • Factory installed rub rail, detectable tactile warning and non-slip panel surfaces
  • Any panel size and shape to replace existing concrete slabs or build new platforms
  • Curved panels to match track radius and sloped panels for drainage
  • Bolt on railings, signs and other attachments
  • Composite platform components including knee walls, column covers and pedestals