Armor Tile® Transit Structural Paver

Armor-Tile® Transit Structural Paver systems are impressively strong and provide the solution of choice for matching installation alongside landscape pavers. Our transit structural pavers come filled with a polymer concrete core allowing for use as a cantilevered track edge. Installation options range from being adhered to concrete, dry laid on a compacted fill, or set in a grout bed or drypac.

Armor-Tile® Transit Structural Pavers are non-porous and can withstand elements such as corrosion, freeze/thaw, and chemical stains. Due to the increased performance of the Structural Pavers, these tiles are able to withstand vehicular loading in many conditions and are a solution for demanding applications.

Typical sizes are 12″x12″, and 24″x24″ and are available in the nine standard colours.

For more information about the Armor-Tile® Transit Structural Pavers and how they can benefit your transit application, please contact us and a technical representative will reach out to you.