Ecoglo® uses a patented process to produce a range of products that provide solutions for your pathfinding needs. Ecoglo® provides step edge contrast while increasing slip-resistance and it is visibile in all light conditions.

Our patented process bakes in the photoluminescent powder and non-slip material making Ecoglo® tough enough to pass internationally accredited laboratories relating to durability, weather resistance, UV resistance, stain resistance, abrasion and cleaning.

Unlike electrical or battery lighting, Ecoglo® products will never let you down. They will glow brightly in the dark for many hours giving your patrons confidence in exiting, even in an emergency. The example above is an actual test of the performance of a 60 minute battery emergency lighting system vesus Ecoglo® pathway marking in the same stairwell. Ecoglo® provides superior performance making evacuations more comfortable and safer in your facility.